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Being Seriously Agile

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Picture above: Definition of the real Prussian measure of a cubit and a foot (found on the wall of the City Hall of Bad Langensalza in Germany)

Often in my work as ScrumMaster, coach and enterpreneur I come across people telling me, that they have their own brand of Agile. They somehow tweaked Scrum or Kanban or SAFe or LESS.

I get usually called to coach a team, to act as ScrumMaster to a team or to teach line and project management, what Agile means.

I often get asked about different techniques – how to structure meetings, how to synchronize teams, how to make the team perform, etc. But what surprises me again and again is, that I seldom get asked:

What does it take to be able to go into production after each and every Sprint or even continuously?

As this happens often to me, I come to the conclusion, that people more often than not are happy with “Cargo Cult” Agile. They follow all the ceremonies without ever arriving at the core of Agile, that is:

  1. Deliver production quality software after each and every Sprint.
  2. Talk to the customer and not just to some intermediary (yes, the product owner is often an intermediary!).
  3. Continuous improvement is key (and this is not about some fancy or funny technique to solicit the thoughts of the team).

And just one thought about scaling agility to the enterprise:

  1. It is not about scaling agility up, but it is about scaling work down to manageable sizes.

You might not be able to satisfy these imperative points of being agile at the moment. But you can certainly try. And do not settle for any goal below this ideal.

And now move the world!

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