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Interesting Thoughts About Architectural Evolution

In Agile, Architecture on July 9, 2007 at 2:28 am

Tom Ayerst, whom I met when becoming a Certified ScrumMaster in Vienna in 2004, writes here some interesting notes about architecture evolution, like:

“What does this mean? The ideal architecture is as described above simple, and focused, it should also be balanced and not restrict you from taking it in any a particular direction. This last desirable trait is invisible, you don’t know you cannot go in a particular direction until you try to go there.”


“Over time your architecture will become less balanced and amenable to change. Getting the balance back will probably require an architectural review of some kind and some kind of more disruptive change than another simple refactoring.”

I think he is quite right. I can observe this with our own application framework we use at work. No simple refactoring will do. After multiple refactoring sessions done often as a pair, we are still trying to bring the architecture back on track. It all depends on how far away you already are from the ideal line.